Michael began his photographic journey in high school during the late 80s, taking Black and White film photography classes offered at the career center of North Central High School. He found joy in exploring the nuances of light and exposure through the lens of his 35mm film camera, immersing himself in the hands-on experience of developing his own film and photos. This process not only enhanced his understanding of the science behind photography but also ignited a creative flame that has continued to burn brightly ever since.
Guided by Dale Bernstein, Michael delved into the intricate Wet Plate Collodion process. It wasn't just a technique; it was a journey that enriched his artistic perspective and left a lasting impression on his work.
While Michael possesses formal training, his true passion lies in a self-taught exploration of various photography formats and processes. His commitment to lifelong learning keeps him evolving and expanding his artistic horizons.
Michael's artistic pulse is at its peak when he's capturing the grandeur of landscapes. He strives to present the world in its most authentic and unfiltered form, firmly believing in photography's power to reveal the true essence of surroundings and allowing viewers to connect with the world as he sees it.
Through his lens, Michael aims to transport viewers to the heart of the scenes he captures, offering a genuine and evocative perspective on the world. His artistic journey is a constant pursuit of truth and beauty, and he is eager to share this unique vision with the world.
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