Michael Martin White, an artist whose photographic journey began in high school during the late 80's, has since followed a diverse and passionate path in the world of photography. He initially honed his skills through the art of film photography, a foundational experience that ignited his creative spark.
Under the mentorship of Dale Bernstein, Michael immersed himself in the intricate and historic Wet Plate Collodion process, an endeavor that enriched his artistic perspective and imbued his work with a timeless quality.
In addition to his formal training, Michael has undertaken a self-taught exploration of various photography formats and processes. This commitment to lifelong learning allows him to continually evolve and expand his artistic horizons.
Michael's artistic heart beats strongest when he captures the grandeur of landscapes and strives to present the world in its most authentic and unfiltered form. His work is a testament to his belief that photography has the power to reveal the true essence of our surroundings, allowing viewers to connect with the world as he sees it.
Through his lens, Michael aims to transport viewers to the heart of the scenes he captures, offering a genuine and evocative perspective on the world. His artistic journey is ongoing, a constant pursuit of truth and beauty, and he is eager to share this unique vision with the world.
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